There's no better time for pondering deep thoughts than the quiet moments in which you lay on your back, palms comfortably folded in your straightjacket in a position which forces you to stare at the same spot on the ceiling for many long hours. During these moments I tend to think a lot about the biggest song competitions in the world, like Aniboom EyeDoll and American Idol.

What's so beautiful about both of them, is that cultural minorities get the opportunity to perform on stage during universal prime time broadcastings. If in today's world it’s considered acceptable to dedicate the spotlight to African-Americans, Jews and geeks, then Aniboom EyeDoll takes this cultural openness to the next level. Eyedoll clears the stage for the most deprived and oppressed sector - the one that suffers the most - the inflatable sex dolls.

Who, up until this moment would want to hear from his sex doll anything other than those squeaky sounds of human flesh rubbing against the synthetic rubber; the sounds that cause some of us to shudder in horror, and cause others great pleasure?

No one!

Only on Aniboom EyeDoll did we discover that inflatable dolls know how to make completely different sounds, able to transmit a message of social importance with sharpness and precision.

The inflatable dolls, as it turns out in Helmskee's song, desire a place of their own. "Talking about MySpace!", they sang aggressively - and it seems as though they’re serious this time. What type of place would this be, I ask myself. What would the doll's MySpace look like? Will the dolls take revenge and sexually exploit humans who open their mouths wide? Maybe they'll overcome this urge and establish a society based on moral values and justice? Either way, when they let me out of this jacket, I will also release my doll. "Go to your sisters", I'll tell her. "Fight for your rights, build your place in this world and if you have some friends you'd like to introduce me to - all you have to do is whistle.”

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