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animator Qianqian Liu Interview with Animator Qianqian Liu
Creator of "Stinks"

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animator Qianqian Liu
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There's an interesting story behind the making of "Stinks". Qianqian Liu was one of 6 female animators chosen by Hi8Us, (a national media and arts charity producing innovative media with young people in their communities) to participate in "Digitoons Masterpieces".

In this program they would have the opportunity to work with the well regarded creative team, the Brothers McLeod, to create their own one-minute animations. The 6 finished shorts were premiered at the Hello Digital Festival in October 2008.

The BAFTA nominated Greg and Myles MacLeod have been writing and directing animations since 2000 and their work has appeared on BBC ONE, MTV, Nickelodeon USA, Channel 4, E4, Sky, as well as being featured on YouTube and Channel Frederator. They have also worked with the Tate.

animator Qianqian Liu
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Qianqian, chosen for her talent and potential, went on to create the 2D animation, "Stinks". We loved the sense of humor and unique concept. Here's what she had to say about making it:

I first became interested in doing animation after enjoying Anime for many years. I started doing animation after moving to Shanghai, China and working for a company that makes 2D Flash films. I learned how to use Flash while I was working there. I like to entertain myself and hopefully other people as well.

Animators include: Hayao Miyazaki, The Brothers McLeod
Films include: Ranma 1/2, Spirited Away

I got my idea for "Stinks" from watching the funny things people around me do.
I used Flash to create it and it took me 2 and a half weeks.
While I was making "Stinks", I was working on a game project as well, so finishing both of them on time was a big challenge.

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