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animator Kirsten Lepore Interview with Animator Kirsten Lepore,
Creator of "Sweet Dreams"

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This short stop motion animation about a sweets-vegetable romance really touched our hearts and the design/execution wasn't too shabby, either! High quality and professional are just two great adjectives that come to mind when we watch "Sweet Dreams" by Kirsten Lepore.

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When did you first become interested in doing animation? Since my childhood I had always wanted to do animation, but didn't know how to put everything together. I started making my first stop-frame animations when I learned how to use the family camcorder at age 11. I've been hooked ever since.

How did you get started? I really got serious about animation when I taught myself Flash in high school. After that, I continued my training when I studied animation at The Maryland Institute College of Art.

What do you like about animation? Everything, ha ha. It really never gets old to see something you sculpted or drew appear to move on its own. It's always fascinated me. I also like how labor intensive the process is, and how detail oriented one has to be to complete an animated film. It's kind of like the non-physical version of running a marathon -- you have an extraordinary sense of accomplishment once you're done.

Who/What are your influences? I'm really inspired by my sisters, craft stores, and nature. But in terms of other artists, Pes, Paul Driessen, Andreas Nilsson, and the Fleischer Bros cartoons are big inspirations.

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What inspired your story? Many of the ideas were inspired by my experience studying abroad in Italy. I also knew from the start that I wanted to create a story that would allow me to animate with real fruits and vegetables.

What techniques were used? I shot with a Nikon D80 hooked up to iStopmotion software, then edited in Final Cut Pro.

How long did it take? From writing the story to the final editing, the film took 9 months to make. Animation alone took about 78 days.

Were there any big challenges? The whole thing was the biggest challenge of my life, mainly because I was working within such a short timeframe. It was also my first stop-motion film, so I had a lot to learn and figure out during the process.

What’s your favorite part of the movie? The love scene. I was looking forward to shooting it for months, and once it was done I almost lost my motivation to finish the film, since I knew nothing else would be as fun to film.

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