eyedoll animation image Host Ryan Theebest is a Hollywood Megastar performing as a television broadcaster, radio show host and all around man about town. He's got a little something special for everyone-Voted “Whitest Teeth” by the International Dental Association and featured numerous times in Manicured Man Magazine. Ryan was raised by a pack of wolves in Boise, Idaho and didn't learn how to use a fork until the age of 15, when he used it to slaughter the head of the pack and become the Alpha Male. After discovering the spoon, Ryan was ready for more than dead deer and bloody intestines. He moved to the closest town and began his rise up the ranks to stardom, eventually to become AniBOOM Eyedoll's Host in 2006.

Today Ryan lives in LA, enjoys building card houses and baking gingerbread cookies. He still prefers his meat raw.

eyedoll animated video contest Hi Ryan, that's a nice pair of loafers you have on today. Shiny.
Thanks, I just got them. They look great and are incredibly comfortable. Armani.

Right. So you've been in show biz from quite a young do you feel watching people who are just starting out?
Well, ya know, after so many years in the biz, it all comes so naturally to me, when I get out on that just flows..flows....

Right. And the contestants?
Ya know, I think I have a really good rapport with the contestants. They look up to me, and I'm nice to look at. Some people profile better on one side or the other, but honestly, I look good from all angles...and I take great pride in my appearance. I've always been good-looking, and I like to maintain it. Down to the smallest details. Like my nails. I make sure to get a manicure and pedicure on a regular basis. Well, I can't show you my toe nails now, but maybe after the interview....

Uh. I'd like that.(?)
So, about those contestants, what do you think of their singing? Any potential winners?
I've seen some super ambitious contestants...kind of reminds me of myself when I was just starting out....I was only 15 when I had my first media job...and already had quite a know the chicks went wild, called me up on the air....

eyedoll animation contest Right. Well, let's move on to talking about the judges. What's your relationship like with them?
Well, I'm the host, really the main guy on this show, and the judges are really just side players in this performance. They chime in once in a while with their opinions, but the audience really looks to me for direction. They want to know what I think to help them form their opinions. You see, because I have a great deal of experience with celebrities and musicians. It's just not a party if I'm not there.

Right. And the contestants?
They like me too.

Right. Those teeth are awfully pearly, Ryan. Thanks for coming.
The pleasure is all yours. I actually really gotta are waiting.


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