What Goes Into A Rebrand

Creative Director Nick Hard Meet Nick Hard
Creative Director/Rebranding Project Manager
Research Studios, London UK

Patient and always ready to listen, professional, friendly and sensitive to the needs of the client (us), we can't say enough good things about him. Nick talked to us about what it was like to work with Aniboom, and what goes into a project such as ours.

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What do you think is special about Aniboom?

Creating a company philosophy that gives back directly to the animators and encourages them to create for competitions - this alone is great - but creating links between animators, writers and sound designers, as well as linking creatives and industry will be a huge stepping stone for potentially thousands of people.

Tell us about this new 'language' you've created.

Aniboom is a very creative and exciting startup company that works directly alongside the animators - searching for the next big animation/animations. Having a transparent business model means the animators are working directly alongside Aniboom the brand. The logo represents the dual personality of the brand

We created a totally new and exciting brand for launch while at the same time developing a second wave of brand elements/visuals that can be integrated at a later stage,
The New Aniboom Font
       "Bespoke Boom" Font
after the core brand language is fully developed and embedded within the Aniboom market. So creating a core rigid launch format, yet an extremely flexible system, that as the brand is more established new components can be introduced.

Alongside the core brand language we have created the new Bespoke Boom font, which we developed, designed and integrated as a core visual component.

The font was derived directly from the new Aniboom logotype and then designed in 3 weights (Boom Heavy, Boom Regular & Boom Light). Using the font as a core component of the brand language gives Aniboom the correct voice and original standout in an extremely competitive market.

Designing a brand for a flexible emerging company like Aniboom, which has a developing strategy, is always exciting and all encompassing (ensuring the brand is as flexible as the company when new elements are integrated or the company structure changes).
The New Aniboom Logo
       The New Aniboom Logo
The brand language must be able to keep up is certainly relevant in a company that is still developing and growing throughout the branding process.

How do you think the new Aniboom logo properly represents the brand?

The logo represents the dual personality of the brand - so representing both the animation community as well as the new business model for Aniboom (it appeals to both the bedroom animator as well as the corporate associate/sponsor). The brand has been designed to be all encompassing and represent animation (as well as being created to animate very easily). As the business model is understood and the full brand implementation is realised - the new logomark will be understood. As the whole language is inspired by the logomark - it will totally encompass and represent the brand.

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What sort of process do you go through to develop a new look?

When creating a brand and look and feel it has to come from the business model and product of a company (as well as the proposed direction of the company structure). As a team we dissect the brief and immerse ourselves in both the brief as well as Aniboom's thoughts and feelings, integrate these with our ideas and create. Once a direction is chosen - it is then that we refine the direction into a serious application involving tight systems and direction.

During the process redesigning Aniboom, did you watch any of the animations? Did you have any favourites?

As the animations are the core of the sight it is essential to both understand the market as well as understand the potential of the Aniboom product. The breadth of possibility through animation means the company model has virtually limitless possibilities.

Creative Director Nick Hard
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Favourites for me are the competition entrants - some really highly finished component resulting in high end very professional animations. It feels like the bar was raised with the entrants for the Radiohead competition.

Being based in the creative design industry we always keep our eyes open for great animations - so understood the market before we were commissioned to work alongside Aniboom. Over time watching the animations - it seems clear that a great animation is not only visually strong but also great stories, great use of sound/music but also creations that take you instantly to a specific place. We feel certain Aniboom will continue showcasing the best and work alongside the upcoming animators worldwide.

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