Win An Aniboom TShirt

Get a free Aniboom t-shirt!
Get a free aniboom god is an animator t-shirt!

Every day* (well almost every day) during April we are giving away a T-shirt to a new subscriber.

Here's how it works:

1. GO to Aniboom's YouTube Channel
2. SUBSCRIBE to Aniboom's YouTube Channel
3. CHECK OUT the description on the Movie of the Day
4. SEE if your name is there!
5. WIN a free t-shirt that says "God is an animator" with an illustration by animator Nacho Rodriguez!

It's as easy as that!

Make sure you check it every day.
We will choose a new subscriber every day and send him or her, a free T-shirt!

aniboom on youtube t-shirt contest *Every day in this instance means every day we upload a new movie. Usually weekends are off and if Leo get's lazy. :)

If you have any questions just message us through the YouTube channel or leave a comment.

Watch our nifty video that explains it with visuals!

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