Anita Dreiseberg – Winner 2006

animator anita dreiseberg back in bush cartoon image ANITA DREISEBERG
2006 Aniboom Awards Winner

"Unpolished" Category
Flash 2D animation

HOMETOWN: Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Resident of San Francisco since 1996
EDUCATION: Undergrad: BFA, York University in Toronto
Graduate: Dundas Valley School of Art, ISSA program at Sheridan College in Oakville.

The Beginning
I was studying fine arts and loving it, but part of me still loved cartoons! I would secretly draw them when I needed a break from the serious art world. While in graduate studies in painting I was feeling pressure to become a teacher, so I applied to teachers college. To make myself feel better I also secretly applied to Sheridan College's International Summer School of Animation (I lived one town away).

back in bush cartoon image the old flame cartoon image I was accepted to both and much to the disappointment of my parents I chose animation over teaching! I loved studying animation, it was always fun and the people were much more down to earth than fine arts people. I had a natural flair and, unlike fine arts, animation is less subjective. If you are good you are good - it's not a matter of opinion or taste, which is much better for one's confidence.

I still make art on occasion, but most of my time and creativity is used up on animation since it is how I make a living. I am also completing a 3 minute film (THE OLD FLAME) so that takes a lot of time and energy.

back in bush cartoon image Influences
My early influences were CALVIN AND HOBBES for the facial expressions and Lynda Barry for her sense of story. I love design and cartoons from the fifties and sixties and feel that I am very influenced by that. I am also a huge stand up comedy fan and love humor of all kinds, most of my work is comedic.

elvis cartoon image One year later...
I've had some great things arise from my Aniboom experience! It gave me a lot of exposure. I was approached by the CW Network recently, they found my RENO REYNOLDS HOLIDAY SONG on Aniboom and asked to air it on the holiday episode of their new TV show "OnLine Nation".

I was also approached by a european company to create animation for mobile devices and although that ended up falling through it got me started on a series. It is called HECKVILLE and so far I have 13 scripts written and 2 episodes completed. I have entered it in the Oxygen Network's "Create-a-Series" Competition. Regardless, I plan to develop the project and make it available on-line.

hecksville cartoon image Finally, I currently have a piece in a group-project film called WHEN I GROW UP. It is participating in many film festivals across the U.S. and Europe.

And the prize money?
As for what I did with the prize money -- I took a trip to Los Angeles to meet with Joe Fun Gray, the man who created and performed the song "Back In Bush", and took him out for dinner and drinks! I also bought some new speakers.

Two Years Later...
I am still plugging away at my short film "The Old Flame" (ALMOST DONE!) and my series "Heckville" when I can find the time, which is almost never, since I am always slammed with freelance work. They say we are in a recession here in America, but I so far don't feel it it my industry -- business is booming! My main client is Electronic Arts/ Pogo. They keep me very busy.
animator anita dreiseberg
I have taken up stand-up comedy and that takes a lot of my time and energy. Along with performing I also do design work for the Clubhouse Comedy Club here in San Francisco, and for other comics. I have made a cartoon of one of my jokes which you can see here

Finally, I am having a Fine Arts show at the Whippersnapper Gallery in Toronto, Canada in October with my good friend, artist Wanda Ewing. Trying to find time to get to my art studio is a real trial. Having a deadline helps!

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