Naked Animated Turtle Now On Mobile

Extreme Turtles cartoon image In our continual quest for new great mobile animation hits, aniBoom turned to talented members of its community and asked them if they'd create short videos for us using one of the provided soundtracks on our mobile page.

One of those individuals was Robert Seaton, who was referred to us by James Stone, the creator of "Likes and Dislikes", an homage to "Creature Comforts" by Aardman Animations. We love "Likes and Dislikes" involving an endearing spider, so we figured he must know what he's talking about. We approached Robert and he agreed to come up with something fun for us.

What resulted was "Extreme Turtles", a hilarious video about a turtle who loses his shell while trying to do skateboarding tricks. This wacky and entertaining short is being made available for download all over the world on aniBoom's extensive mobile network.

Watch "Extreme Turtles" Now!
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