Henrik Clausen in the Animation Spotlight
This short 3D animation by Danish animator Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen has got a great character, suspenseful story line and a surprise ending that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Find out more!
Sweet Dreams in the Animation Spotlight
This short stop motion animation about a sweets-vegetable romance really touched our hearts and the design/execution wasn't too shabby, either! Find out more!
A Pug's Life in the Animation Spotlight
Dedicated to all the guys that have been told they're just so NICE, and always get the short end of the stick is Pedro Eboli's short funny cartoon about a Pug. Find out more
Silly Beast in the Animation Spotlight
We love this short funny video by French animator Justine Bonnard for its adorable characters, great acting and high quality animation. Find out more!
Inner Scribe in the Animation Spotlight
Animator Valdis Baskirovs takes us on an exciting trip through a series of thought transformations in this hand drawn animation. Find out more!
Odd Socks in the Animation Spotlight
The music video for Dublin based band Grand Pocket Orchestra is a great example of a well made stopmotion/cutout production. Find out more!

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