Fallen Angel in the Animation Spotlight
We love "Fallen Angel Episode 1" for its compelling story and great cinematic editing. Find out more!
Fore in the Animation Spotlight
Fore has all the necessary elements to make an entertaining animation: creative concept, good timing, beautiful design and it features a Panda! Find out more!
County Ghost in the Animation Spotlight
This old skool 2D cartoon by the talented Mike Geiger really takes you back. The pesky ghost is at it again, tormenting the locals. Find out more!
Worms in the Animation Spotlight
We loved this live action/3d animated music video that Sil van der Woerd did for Lolly Jane Blue. The art direction and compositing are incredible plus we're simply in awe of how huge the whole production is. Find out more!
Jigsaw Falling Into Place in the Animation Spotlight
Long after the Radiohead contest has concluded, we received this beautiful animated video from Sebastien Wojda and girlfriend Laure Retif. Find out more!
Stinks in the Animation Spotlight
Qianqian Liu was one of 6 animators chosen by Hi8Us to participate in the Digitoons Masterpieces program. Find out more!

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