Eminent Advertising and Research firm Saatchi and Saatchi, offered praise for Aniboom’s bottom-up talent promotion model, and its ability to bring opportunities to its online animation community.
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Congratulations to Our Animators
7 Animators have Clips Shown on FOX During “Family Guy”
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The FOX Aniboom Holiday Animation Challenge is Firing Up
Talk about an opportunity of a lifetime – this one’s a doozy . . .
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Hollywood to Bollywood Abuzz Over FOX Aniboom Holiday Challenge
Newspapers, sites and blogs all around the work are talking about the
Fox Aniboom Holiday Challenge
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Tell Us What You Think
We created a new Aniboom for you and have already received lots of great feedback about it. Got anything you want to tell us? Let us know what you think in the forum.
The FOX Aniboom Holiday Animation Challenge
Give us a holiday special – we could get you an opportunity at a Fox development deal. Yes, this really is that big. Find out more.

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