Animated Chicken Meets Its Maker
The end is nigh for this unlucky chicken in this new mobile animation, made especially for the aniBoom network. Find out more!
Now Even MORE Prizes
We’ve teamed up with Stash Magazine, the planet’s only monthly DVD showcase of animation and VFX, to bring the top 50 Awards winners more rewards. We’re giving away 50 magazine sets with enclosed coupon cards, a total value of $55! Find out more!
Make it to the Big Screen
You could be part of a new exciting experiment in animation production! aniBoom is teaming up Nov. 17th with Intel, Facebook, AutoDesk and ReelFX for “Mass Animation”. Find out more!
Over 800 Awards Animations
Don't miss out on the excitement! Our annual animation competition is in full swing but there's plenty of time to get in on the action! Find out more!
Taking You Down Cartoon Memory Lane
Sometimes I get all teary eyed, thinking about our aniBoom Eyedoll Contest. Seems it was only yesterday when we were all grooving to "Beatnik". Sigh. Read More
Theres Evil in that Snow and its Wickedly Funny
If you haven’t watched the new aniBoom animated comedy series “Snowy the Frostman”, you’re missing out. The cartoon about a homicidal snowman who goes on a murderous rampage has gotten over 2 million views online and received thousands of positive comments. Find out what all the fuss is over. Watch it now!

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