Get Ready: Surf's Up!
Get Ready: Surf's Up!
June's Shapeshifter Challenge is all about summer. We provide the theme, you decide the rest. Animate whatever you want. The beach? A swarm of pesky mosquitos? It's up to you!
Congrats to the May Winners!
You guys did an amazing job creating Shapeshifter clips for Radiohead. From the great liquid effects of Nonsensicalbiscuit's short and the emotion of MonkeyMarmalade to the flying instruments (and cow) of Holdproductions, the creativity on display this first month was incredible.
Get In On the Radiohead Action
Get In On the Radiohead Action
We've got exciting themes coming up for our new ShapeShifter Challenge. This month it's Radiohead. We're giving away Toon Boom software, plus, in honor of the Music Video Contest - In Rainbows CDs!
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Whirlwind's Pick: "Swordsman Chapt.2"
Ryan Curletee has brought one of his old series back to life, and everyone is loving it! Its not hard to see why, when the effects and physics kick so much ass! He also makes his characters seem so... ALIVE. And isn't that the definition of animation?
Logopai's Pick: Stuff Video
Rudy Barrientos stepped up with a stunning debut. He doesn't have a lot of movies yet, but I have the feeling we have a master in the making! This ShapeShifter has it all: great design, good animation and stellar sound.
Atom Ray's Pick: The Boom Box
Did you ever wonder how portable stereos got their nickname? Shaydon Lindberg gives us an explanation with his animation "The Boom Box".

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