Logopai's Pick: GIR
Elisa Tamagnoli has performed one of the most difficult tasks with ShapeShifter - she has rendered a character in such a way as to make you forget the 4 primary shapes. Not only that but she has come up with a unique character that likes tacos. What more could you ask for? Can't wait to see her next offering!
You like random? Then you'll love THE DEPRESSED BLOB by Hold Productions . It cheers me up every time.
Logopai's Pick: Superman Plane Chase
William Bryant has a lot going on in "Superman Plane Chase". Plane Chase is well rendered and has the snappy smooth movement that is so hard to do in Shapeshifter. This movie is a winner - can't wait to see the next creation from William.
Whirlwind's Pick: Tree
Why did I choose this Shapeshifter creation by Micah Sikkkema? Well, for one, the artwork of the movie is amazing and would be acceptable even without being animated. Second, it IS animated, and damn well at that. The squirrel's tail hangs like a real one would and the bird takes off with a realistic struggle. On top of that, the creativity and beauty of this animation holds it all together and brings life into it.
Are you ready for Radiohead?
Here's your chance to transfer all those great animating skills you've been using here to something really cool. Check out the new *In Rainbows Music Video Contest* that just launched on the site. You can't enter a Shapeshifter movie, but if you have other software to animate with, don't be shy about entering! The prize is $10,000 to make a full length video!
Shapeshifter Selection: The Glow
You'd never guess that this super elegant animation involves a series of concentric circles - watch it in wire frame! I love the nice clean graphic design and watch how beautifully the hand closes! Great job, Nicholas!

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