Kota and Totori Aniboom Success Story
One of four finalists selected by Radiohead for their music video submission to the In Rainbows Animated Music Video Competition, they won $10,000 and the respect of animators around the globe. The icing on the cake? Meeting the band backstage at their concert in Japan.
Eric Lerner Aniboom Success Story
His “Mr. Fortune” animation won in the 2006 Aniboom Awards music video category. Soon after he was an employee of London’s Partizan labs directing an Olympics commercial for software giant Coca Cola.
Kenny Frankland Aniboom Success Story
What it was like for Kenny Frankland to win the 2007 aniBoom Awards? “Fantastic. It was a huge rush and an honor. I was completely knocked for six that I won because there was so much high quality work competing against me….” Read More

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