Win An Aniboom TShirt
All throughout the month of April, we're giving away a t-shirt a day on the Aniboom Channel on YouTube. Find out how you could win!
Paper Jam in the Animation Spotlight
The publicity Kenny Frankland got when he won the music video category of the Aniboom Awards 2007 soon had him getting other directing offers. Check out how he made his latest video!
The Parcel in the Animation Spotlight
A homeless man discovers an unusual package in this russian themed stop motion short by Montreal animator Samantha Leriche-Gionet. Find out how she made this impressive 4 minute long film!
Hardcover and Paperback in the Animation Spotlight
How can I even begin to express why we liked this animation by Uri & Moshe as much as we did? There are so many great things about it. It's all around, incredibly entertaining. Find out more!
The Way Home in the Animation Spotlight
We love "The Way Home" because we're simply amazed by the nine minutes of beautiful classic animation. Plus, no animation will fly without a great story, and this one kept us entertained. Find out more!
Freaks in the Animation Spotlight
A creative intertwining of live action and animation, we were impressed by the great VFX and direction. Read our interview with director Ben West!

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