Pyrats in the Animation Spotlight
We were wowed by the amazing classic animation of "Pyrats", a short adventure by students from the famous Gobelins School in France. Find out more!
Fallen Angel in the Animation Spotlight
We love "Fallen Angel Episode 1" for its compelling story and great cinematic editing. Find out more!
Fore in the Animation Spotlight
Fore has all the necessary elements to make an entertaining animation: creative concept, good timing, beautiful design and it features a Panda! Find out more!
County Ghost in the Animation Spotlight
This old skool 2D cartoon by the talented Mike Geiger really takes you back. The pesky ghost is at it again, tormenting the locals. Find out more!
70,000 Views In Less Than 24 Hours!
Trevor Hardy's comedic short, “Oops” was a huge hit on the aniBoom on YouTube Channel. This month, Trevor tells us why he does what he does, how he made his popular film and how he feels about its success. Hear all about it!
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Animation is art – and now, with the new aniBoom profile on the popular art community site, your work gets seen. Find out more

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