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We had a lot of great entries, but James Mason's PIGGING TELEGRAM received overwhelming praise. Everyone was impressed with the smoothness of the animation, creative use of space/movement and economical amount of shapes. It streams well and has an adorable soundtrack. I look forward to seeing all the great stuff James is going to make with his new Wacom!

Topic: Shapeshifter
Week 4 Winners!

Two great animated birthday wishes, with completely different approaches.  Jojo Aquino's HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! goes the tradional route featuring an adorable mouse. (Nice touch with the musical notes - solves that need for visual representation).  Aurelio Maldonado's BAMBOO BIRTHDAY is fun and different. And it features a ninja and a panda. How cool is that?

Topic: Shapeshifter

Since he participates in our Aniboom Creators Studio, he can't win anything in our current competition, but obviously, if he could, he would. Nacho Rodriguez is a  master of cartoon animation. Check out his BIRTHDAY BLOWING for a look at how it's done.

Topic: Shapeshifter

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Beanallean2 Says:
or this :/
1574 days ago
ShifterAwards Says:
Will there Be a Birthday Contest for 2010? Comment Me Back on My Comments Video- Shifter-Awards-Comments/
2193 days ago
Dict556 Says:
How to make animation now?I long time no back aniboom and it change....please help me!!T_T
2265 days ago
aprailjosh2 Says:
2322 days ago
cagton Says:
hey everyone watch sunset on the beach it's a must see!!!! original flick
2893 days ago
cagton Says:
watch my new flick knuckles now with extra bonus features it's the best knuckles made yet!!!!!
2893 days ago
j8silver Says:
2911 days ago
CrazyGuy Says:
James Mason, I will rate your "pigging telegram" a 1 outta 5. And I might not see that thing! I might explode, like when I watch Character Katamari!
3030 days ago
atomray Says:
i can't stand anime. it's in the same catagory as fake wrestling.
3069 days ago
JordyBiter Says:
3072 days ago
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