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Out of 8,500 animations entered into the competition, only one is taking home the Wacom On Screen Tablet. It was a really tough call and all of us at Aniboom wished there could be more. With that said – the winner is Jonathan Fontaine's POOR WORKER! For great timing/flow, minimalistic style that makes good use of Shapeshifter's structure and impressive directing skills (we love the sigh!) this is the full package. Way to go, Jonathan!

Topic: Shapeshifter
Tweaking and extending

That’s what many of our 16 finalists have been doing these last few weeks. For one of them, all that effort will be paying off big, with a Wacom On Screen Tablet coming their way. Check back in tomorrow, August 6th, to find out who it will be!

Topic: Shapeshifter

UV was the first to notice this insane tribute to the 16 finalists by Jojo Aquino.  I mean, who would recreate scenes from 15 other movies? He must have somehow figured out a way to copy them..but how? Nope. We examined them movie by movie. This sh*t is for real, folks.  You're crazy, Jojo, and we love that!

Topic: Shapeshifter

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atomray Says:
This is still here, but where's the rest of the Shapeshifter page?
1392 days ago
markpablo8 Says:
1406 days ago
Beanallean2 Says:
no we should abuse THIS page as our new homepage :)
1575 days ago
Legendary_Detective_Loki Says:
Augh, I'm getting the feeling they got rid of shapeshifter. . . I wouldn't be surprised. Aniboom has been going downhill lately. In my honest opinion.
1935 days ago
Voltega Says:
i cant find shapeshifter.... where did they put it?
2076 days ago
batberry Says:
i want another aniboom competition
2112 days ago
myhouse07 Says:
Hi ! Watch my movies, one of them is Soldiers/Planitory !
2560 days ago
Cuddles_Wolf Says:
Watch my Killer Thoughts video! I'm going to enter the contest with it so check it out! And look at my other animations!
2576 days ago
jiwaw246 Says:
anyone.. see my videos.. 1 of my best videos there is the September animation agent.. about the agent and the scientist... THANK YOU PLEASE BARE WITH ME// ^)^
2714 days ago
cagton Says:
hey everyone watch sunset on the beach it's a must see!!!! original flick
2894 days ago
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